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Experiencing Nature

Walking. Jogging. Biking. Fishing. Horseback riding. Picnicking. Dog-walking. Playing.

When Shelby Farms Park is completed, it will be a one-of-a-kind urban park and arguably the largest city park of its kind in the nation. At five times the size of Central Park, Shelby Farms' visionary "one park, one million trees, twelve landscapes" will evolve naturally around a dramatically enlarged Hyde Lake. A model for sustainable design, this project offers the kind of complexity that is an ideal match with our expertise in managing large multi-disciplinary projects.

Just below the surface.

As engineer of record for this ambitious project, our objective in providing surveying, civil engineering, and design services is to create the infrastructure -- mostly things you'll never see -- that sustains those things you do see. Our work will ensure that the pedestrian bridge spans safely for walking; the lake provides a sustainable habitat; the gardens, parks and leisure areas sustain their natural beauty; and there's an environmentally friendly home for the buffalo to roam. (Actually they are bison. Learn the difference here.)

Phase 1

Over the next several years, we'll partner with the master planners for Shelby Farms Park, James Corner Field Operations, and the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, to build out the project in phases continuing with the current phase that incorporates three major projects.

A lake that will float your boat.

Approximately doubling the size of Hyde Lake is no small feat. This project will require earthwork in excess of one million cubic yards. Attention to detail in the design of the topographic features that creates the lake, appropriate drainage and erosion control techniques, proper outlet control, and the right back-up emergency water supply -- all will work together to ensure that the lake maintains a constant level, "weather" in drought or monsoon. Equally important, proper design will ensure that areas downstream of the lake, like Lucius E. Burch State Natural Area, aren't adversely affected.

Bridging the Wolf River in a single span.

How do you get a bridge across the Wolf River without touching the river? Our design team provided guidelines for a safe, single-span bridge that didn't require piers that would disturb the riverbed. We've also developed the site planning that provides for the layout of trails connecting the Wolf River Greenway on one side of the bridge to Shelby Farms’ Hyde Lake on the other.

The Wolf River Pedestrian Bridge provides the ultimate urban-suburban "nature" connection. With this connection in place, it won't be long until you'll be able to ride your bike from Midtown Memphis to Collierville -- approximately 22 miles -- without setting foot or wheel on a public road.

Not so long after the new pedestrian bridge opened in December 2010, Memphis experienced an unprecedented flooding event, as described here. But the bridge's design ensured that it was never compromised.

Playful sustainability.

Pickering provided the proper site planning and infrastructure that supports a one-of-a-kind Woodland Discovery Playground that made its opening debut in April 2011. The central design element is a steel arbor covered in live willow trees that meanders for 1500 feet, creating unique play areas appealing to all ages. Nothing like this $3.5 million environmentally friendly, sustainable play area exists in the U.S. today.


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