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Nov 14, 2017
Pickering Firm

“Service and Good Work, Our Foundation, Our Future.”

When our founder O.L. Pickering coined that phrase over 70 years ago, he was most certainly initiating the groundwork for something he himself probably couldn’t have fathomed. We like to say that his seemingly simple statement has passed the test of time; it is still our company’s philosophy, and we proudly display it on our business materials and email signatures. It is a daily reminder for those of us who work here that providing quality work has always been the cornerstone of our success.

It has also evolved into something more meaningful than just a tagline. What no one could have guessed back in 1946, when Pickering first opened its doors, was how much sweeter that philosophy would become with time. The word Service in this statement does not just refer to the work we provide for our clients. Arguably, it more prominently refers to our positive actions as Pickering employees and as a corporate entity.

Our President, Mike Pohlman, recently sent out an internal company-wide newsletter discussing what it means to define your legacy. Here’s a quote:

“It’s time for all of us to get involved - to be that difference, volunteer and participate in a positive effort to make our communities better places to live, work and raise families. Defining your Legacy through your gift of time and talents is so much more rewarding than writing a check. I encourage us all to make volunteering a regular part of your life, try it – you won’t be sorry.”

Yes, this year we have written checks to charity. We’ve written checks as a company, and we’ve donated money on an individual basis. If an employee is working towards a charitable goal, word of it spreads like wildfire through the offices. Monetary giving is something we are certainly proud of and is a habit we will not give up. 

However, as we spend this holiday season in reflection, the thing we can possibly be most proud of is our interaction with our community. In 2017 we have had the pleasure of serving as the engineer or architect for several wonderful organizations, like the Mid-South Food Bank and Memphis Union Mission. They have inspired us to—as Mike Pohlman would urge us—"define our legacy through our gift of time and talents". 

Our conclusion was to collect and donate socks for Memphis Union Mission. With winter nearly upon us, our goal was 180 pairs, which meant one pair per man who stayed there overnight. We came together and surpassed our goal by donating over 420 pairs of socks between all of our offices. We offered to sponsor a meal at the shelter, but then chose to go a step further and offer our time in addition to our financial contribution. Nearly 40 of us spent a Sunday afternoon at the Mission serving lunch to 200+ members of the community. It was a wonderful experience. Memphis Union Mission is a beloved client of ours, and we feel like we have received more from them than they from us. Please read more about Memphis Union Mission here:

We are a business, and so we will always focus on our services: providing good work for our clients. But nothing shows our appreciation for our community more than efforts of positive impact with giving our time; to be of service and becoming stewards of altruism whenever we possibly can.  

We’d like to think that O.L. Pickering would be proud of how we’ve taken the corporate philosophy to heart.


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